Instruction Sheet for Backsplash Kit Installation

(30″/36″/48″ Range or Cooktop Application)

Kit Contains

(1) Backsplash
(1) Panel, Rear
(10) Screws, 8-18 x .375″
(1) Instruction Sheet

  1. Assemble rear panel to backsplash using 7 of the 10 screwsprovide in kit.

  2. Position the rear panel against the inner flange of thebacksplash as shown in Figure 1.

  3. Install mounting screws (7) through the backsplash fl angemounting holes into rear panel and tighten securely, setaside.

  4. Remove the grates from range or cooktop.

  5. Remove rear island trim from range or cooktop by removing three (3) screws from the rear of the appliance. Retain screwsfor future use. See Figure 2


  1. Position new backsplash assembly where the island trim waspreviously removed. Align holes in rear of range or cooktopwith backsplash assembly and secure using the three (3)screws removed in step 5. See Figure 3.


  1. Install the three (3) additional screws provided with kit to thefront side of the backsplash assembly and tighten securely.See Figure 4.


  1. Reinstall the grates onto the range or cooktop

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