The Pedal Cracker is a mic preamp with effects loop, allowing the use of standard effects pedals with a microphone. Separate wet and dry controls, momentary functions, and on-board phantom power make the Pedal Cracker a robust, yet practical solution for anyone looking to incorporate effects with their voice, horns, or drums.

9V – Power supply input, current draw is about 70mA. Please use the included power supply or other transformer based power supply (not digital switching, such as the 1Spot)

Wet – Adjusts the level of the signal coming from the effects loop.

Dry – Adjusts the level of the uneffected signal.

Gain – Adjusts the gain of the mic input from about -4 dB to +20 dB.

Trails/Presend – Determines how the Send and Return of the loop are switched. See back page for more detail.

Main Output (XLR)- this goes to a mixing console, powered speaker, etc. Slide switch for ground lift.

Mic Input (XLR)- plug mic in here. Slide switch for 48v phantom power.

Bypass – latches the effects loop on or off.

Momentary On/Off – inverts the status of the loop while held down.

FX loop return (1/4”), FX loop send (1/4”)

  • The BYPASS switch latches the loop ON or OFF. If the loop is active, the LED is on.
  • The MOMENTARY ON/OFF switch simply reverses the state of the loop while held down.
  • The TRAILS/PRESEND switch determines what happens when the loop is engaged or bypassed with either footswitch.

In NORMAL mode (toggle center) , the loop functions normally, it is either on or off.

In TRAILS mode (toggle up), SEND is switched.

If you switch the loop On, it will function as normal. If you switch the loop Off, the Send is muted, but the Return remains active, allowing effects such as delay and reverb to trail off.

In PRE-SEND mode (toggle down), RETURN is switched.

If you switch the loop On, any signal introduced to the loop prior to switching will start playing, because Send was on. If you switch the loop Off, the effects stop immediately, but are still receiving signal because Send is still on.


TRAILS (toggle up), DELAY pedal in the loop

With the loop ON, both Send and Return are active, so you hear delay all the time.

If you switch the loop OFF, Send turns off, so no new signal is sent to the effect, but Return is still on, so delay repeats will continue and trail off.

PRE-SEND (toggle down), REVERB pedal in the loop

With the loop ON, your voice will have Reverb.

If you turn the loop OFF, the Reverb will stop immediately, because the Return is off. When you turn the loop back on, any signal sent to it prior to turning on will then come through, since the SEND was never turned off.


If the loop is on, holding the MOMENTARY ON/OFF switch will turn the loop off until you let go. An example of where to use this is if you have a delay in the loop, and usually keep it on, you can hold this switch to turn off the loop to address the audience, then let go to go back to normal delayed vocals, eliminating the need to remember to switch the loop back on.


All Cusack Music products are made in Holland, MI, USA, the status of the loop while held and carry a limited lifetime repair warranty. 514Lincoln Ave, Holland, MI 49423 (616)546-8888

Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Cusack Music in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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