Paradox TZF2 is an analog through

-zero flanger geared towards liveperformance. Organic, time

control and warm analog processing produce flanging sounds that you’ve heard in recordings and in nature, but have never been able to recreate.


Quiet, reliable bypass switching is done with a buffer and an FET signal switching circuit, which is controlled by a latching foot switch. Status is indicated with a yellow LED.

Stereo Outputs:

A wide stereo image can be created by splitting the output to two amps.
This is done by splitting the stereo 1/4” output jack to two mono 1/4” plugs. The fixed delay is sent to each side while the modulated delay is sent with opposing polarities.

Important application tip:

For best results, run overdrive/distortion/fuzz effects
BEFORE Paradox TZF2. That is, between your guitar and the flanger. After that, run Paradox TZF2 into a CLEAN amp.

A dirty signal at the input will give TZF2 a richer frequency range to deal with, creating the most pronounced effect. And a clean amp will reproduce the effect most accurately. Doing it the other way around, clean guitar into TZF2 and then into dirt pedals or a distorted amp, will mask the effect to the point where it is almost inaudible.


VOLUME: Adjust to match bypass level. Typical setting is around 12:00.

FLANGE MIX: Control the level of the modulated delay in the mix. Typical setting is max.

ENVELOPE: Adjust the sensitivity of the envelope control circuit. Typical setting varies based on the loudness of the source and the desired effect.

DEPTH: Adjust the width of the LFO sweep. Turn all the way down to shut sweep off.

MANUAL: Adjust the delay time of the modulated delay. This controls the flange point.

SPEED: Set LFO speed. Set slowest speed when using Ramp or Envelope control. A red LED flashes to indicate speed

RAMP SWITCH: Momentary foot switch introduces gradual increase/decrease to Speed or Manual setting, determined by Ramp selector switch

RAMP SELECTOR SWITCH: Select between Speed ramp and Manual ramp. Activate Envelope Controlled Speed by setting switch in center position.

POLARITY SWITCH: Select positive or negative flanging. Center position shuts off the fixed delay, creating a vibrato effect.


WARRANTY: Foxrox warranties this pedal for 5 years against failure. Parts and labor are covered. Warranty does not cover damage due to improper voltage, extreme abuse and unauthorized modifications. For repair help, email

Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Foxrox Electronics in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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