The BLACK HOLE is a chorus stomp box for electric guitar and other instruments.


The BLACK HOLE is an all-analog chorus effect pedal that will add shimmer, dimension, fullness, and character to your sound. Chorus has been an extremely popular effect since its introduction to the guitar effect pedal market in the late 70s. A wide range of sounds, from subtle comb-filtered type effects to intense rotating speaker sounds, can be dialed in and accessed with a stomp.

The BLACK HOLE is housed in a tiny 2-5/8”x 3” enclosure that’s sure to squeeze onto any pedal board, and top-mounted jacks help keep things tidy. Step on the footswitch to turn the pedal on and off. The LED lights up to indicate that the effect is active. The effect is completely removed (true bypass) from your signal chain when the pedal is off.

Internal Controls

SPEED – trimpot near upper middle of circuit board when foot switch is down and LED is up. This controls the frequency of pitch modulation that creates the chorus effect. Get classic rotating speaker type sounds at fully clockwise, throbbing modulation at mid-sweep settings, and more subtle comb filtering at fully counterclockwise.

DEPTH – trimpot near right of circuit board when foot switch is down and LED is up. This controls the intensity of pitch modulation for a more intense effect as you adjust clockwise.

VIBRATO SWITCH – tiny switch near the left side of the circuit board when foot switch is down and LED is up.
ON is the default position of this switch for standard chorus sounds. Flip switch to OFF to remove the parallel dry signal, leaving only the pitch modulated signal, for a dizzying vibrato effect. Note that the pitch
modulated signal is slightly quieter than unity gain, as it has been tweaked in favor of providing optimum chorus effects when the switch is ON.

BIAS – trimpot near bottom right side of circuit board when foot switch is down and LED is up. This is a factory-set adjustment that accounts for variations in component operation. There is no need to adjust this
control further.

The BLACK HOLE is factory set for a classic chorus sound found on many well-known recordings.


Configuration: As you look down at the front of the BLACK HOLE, the LED is near the top, and the on/off footswitch is near the bottom. The input jack is near the right of the top side, the output jack is near the left of the top side, and the DC jack is near the middle of the top side.

Power: You can only power the BLACK HOLE with an external power supply (9 VDC) with the commonly used center-negative barrel connector. The maximum current draw is 15mA.

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