The Emerald Prince is an analog preamp effect pedal based on the legendary preamp in the Echoplex™ EP3 tape echo units. The sound enhancement is subtle as it adds a more touch sensitive feel, fattens up single notes, increases clarity, and gives distorted sounds a unique midrange character. Many players have used the EP3 units in their rigs, without the echo engaged, just to get the sound enhancements.
Since echo units are typically placed at the end of a signal chain, right before the amplifier, many players place these types of EP3 inspired pedals in the same spot. It also works well in front of a pedal chain to provide a nice touch sensitive feel to passive pickups. Note that placing it directly in front of a lowEimpedance, lineElevel input device may create a dark and quiet signal. That’s because this circuit has unusually low output impedance that works best when connected to a high impedance input. If you find that the sound is particularly dark, move the Emerald Prince before a pedal that is either always on or buffered when bypassed. Placing a dedicated buffer after the Emerald Prince can also brighten it back up in these rare situations.

The Emerald Prince is housed in a tiny 2”x 2” enclosure that’s sure to squeeze onto any pedal board. Step on the footswitch to turn the pedal on and off. The LED lights up to indicate that the effect is active. The effect is completely removed (true bypass) from your signal chain when the pedal is off.

Internal Controls
OUTPUT VOLUME – trimpot on circuit board. This control goes from fully muted up to around a +9db boost. Unity gain is achieved at around 9:00, and the maximum volume is almost reached at around 12:00 on the volume. Adjustments above 12:00 provide slight changes to the character of the sound.

BRIGHT SWITCH – mini switchnear top of circuit board when foot switch is down and LED is up.

This switch toggles between two different eras of the EP3 units. It is essentially a bright switch where flipping it to the ON position retains high end and clarity and flipping it to the OFF position fattens the sound by rolling off some of the high end.


Configuration: As you look down at the front of the Emerald Prince, the LED is near the top, and the on/off footswitch is near the bottom. The input jack is on the right side, the output jack is on the left side, and the power jack is on the left side.

Power: You can only power the Emerald Prince with an external power supply (9 VDC) with the commonly used centerEnegative barrel connector. The maximum current draw is 20mA.

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