Application Introduction

  1. This Gamepad is used for playing N-Switch games;
  2. Support connect with N-Switch console via wireless connection, also support wired connect with N-Switch Dock to playing N-Switch games.
  3. Function button of this gamepad is one-one corresponding with N-Switch_pro gamepad; The gamepad support TUBRO and Six axis gyroscope function & vibration function.

* Due to the official game platform software upgrade or source code changes and other not resist factors caused of some games can not be played or connected with our gamepad. Our company has no responsibility, we reserves the right of final interpretation for this.

Illustration for buttons function


Basic Operation

Wireless connection mode

  1. Click “Controllers”-“Change Grip/Order” in the main menu interface of the N-Switch, enter gamepad pairing mode;
  2. Press and hold “HOME” 3 seconds to enter pairing status, LED blink rapidly in the form of marquee, the gamepad auto pairing with the console, the corresponding LED of the gamepad always on after successfully connecting.
  3. If the gamepad connected before, you can press “HOME” directly, LED quick slow in the form of marquee, it will auto re-connect.

Wired connection mode

  1. Please ensure “Pro Gamepad wired connection” are in the open position in the system settings of N-Switch console before using wired connections.
  2. Gamepad connect with Switch Dock via USB data cable, can be used as a wired gamepad, the corresponding LED of the gamepad slow blink.
  3. Unplug the USB cable, gamepad enter wireless mode, will auto re-connect with the console.

TURBO function

  1. Action buttons include (A/B/X/Y/L/ZL/R/ZR), all the 8 buttons can be set manually with TURBO function.
  2. Setting method: Press and hold down one of action buttons, and then press the TURBO button to enable the TURBO function; hold down the action button, then press CLEAR button to cancel the TURBO function;
  3. When gamepad is power off, shut down or restarted, the Turbo function is automatically cleared. To enable the TURBO mode, you need to reset it.

Charging/sleep/wake up/ power off function of Gamepad

  1. Charging function:
    a. When the power is low, the correspnding LED blink rapidly;
    b. When charging, the correspnding LED slow blink;
    c. When fully charged in working condition, the correspnding LED will be always on;
    d. When fully charged in shut-down status, the correspnding LED will turn off.
  2. Sleep / wake up / off function:
    a. The gamepad will enter sleeping mode automatically if the screen of N-Switch is off or there is no operation within 5 minutes.
    b. Long press the “HOME” for 5 seconds to turn off the gameapd, then all the LED indicators will turn off;
    c. Press the HOME button to wake up and reconnect when you want to restart it;

Correction methods

In the case of not connected with N-Switch console, lay the gamepad flat, press ‘-’ and ‘B’ button first, and press “HOME” at the same time, LED blink alternately, then press ‘+’ button,
LED blink in form of marquees, then wait until the LED turn off, correct successfully. Please don’t move the gamepad during correction.

Electrical Parameters:

  1. Input voltage/ current:DC5V/500mA;
  2. Working voltage/ current:DC3.7V/ 20mA;
  3. Max working current: <200mA;
  4. Continuous gameplay time: >8H;
  5. Charging time:about 2 hours;
  6. BT 4.0 transmission distance: ≤ 8M;
  7. Battery capacity:380mAh;
  8. Standby time: up to 30days once fully charged.


  1. Please do not store this product in wet or high-temperature areas.
  2. Don’t knap, beat, drub, pierce, or try to decompose this product, to avoid unnecessary damage to the product.
  3. Non professional personnel should not disassemble the product, otherwise it will not be covered in the after-sales warranty service

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Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by iPega in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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