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VOLUME – Controls overall output volume.
Left is less, right is more.
TONE – Controls the brightness of the sound. Left is darker, right is brighter.
DISTORT – Controls the amount of distortion or fuzz. Left is less, right is more.


MODE – This is our modification to the circuit. It engages a slightly higher volume sound with more mids.


INPUT – If you are looking at the jacks from above the pedal, the input is on the right.
OUTPUT – If you are looking at the jacks from above the pedal, the output is on the left.


Uses 9V DC Negative Center. 4mA consumption.
Do not use more than 9V DC,or your warranty will be voided.
The Crimson does allow for battery operation via a single 9V battery. Just loosen the two rear screws from the enclosure and the backplate will swing open. On the inside you will see a battery clip to install the battery into. Have fun!

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