Black box prevents the loss of guitar signal in presence of long and/or poor quality cables, true bypass systems and series of pedal effects, often equipped with economical buffer stages or stomp-based true bypass systems. In all these cases, a Black box immediately after the guitar avoids the loss of signal level, high frequency harmonics, “chewing-gum“ bass response and dynamics. The result is a solid sound rich of harmonics never listen before, because attenuated by the parasitic capacitances and resistances of the path, and totally independent from the length and the type of the cable.


Furthermore, Black box solves some problems of incompatibility between pedals. When we connect an effect with high output impedance to a relatively low input impedance one, this loads the out stage of the first disrupting sound. In this case, a BB between the two effects is the solution. Last but not least, Black Box is fantastic after passive volume pedals equipped with high resistance pots. Noise, hiss and variation of frequency response will disappear.

Power supply is given by an internal 9V battery or an external DC source between 9 and 25V connected with a 2.1mm tip connector, negative grounded.

Internal circuitry automatically selects the highest voltage disconnecting the lower, so it’s possible keep internal battery while BB is connected to an external power supply.
Current draw is less than 15mA. Blue led is switched off a bit before battery is completely discharged allowing still one hour of functioning.
Input impedance is 1Mohm, while out impedance is about 500 ohm. Swing voltage capability is 2V peak to peak even with end-of-life battery, so BB can handle also line signals. Black box is switched on by the input jack. With the external power supply it’s in ON state also with jack not inserted.
Warranty is two years from purchase date.

This product is compliant to EU rules about safety and electromagnetic compatibility. CE mark indicates the compliance. Furthermore, even if ambient policy of MGD limits at the minimum the use of potentially polluting components, according to current EU laws customer must waste this device in special sites.

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