The Xbox Standard AV Cable connects your Xbox console to your TV. It is for use exclusively with theXbox™ video game system from Microsoft.

IMPORTANT! Before using this product, read the Xbox Instruction Manual for important safety information and health warnings. Please retain both the Xbox Instruction Manual and these instructions for future reference. The limited warranty covering this Xbox Standard AV Cable is contained in the Xbox Instruction Manual

To connect to a TV

  1. Turn off power to both your TV and the Xbox console.
  2. Connect the Xbox AV connector to the AV port on the Xbox console.
  3. Connect the color-coded connectors on the Xbox Standard AV Cable to the corresponding jackson the TV: yellow to yellow (video), red to red (right audio), and white to white (left audio).Jacks may be located on the front or back of the TV
    Note For monaural TVs, which have only one audio jack, connect either the right or left audio connector (red or white) to the audio jack
  4. Select the appropriate video input on your TV to display Xbox games. Common names for videoinput are Input Select, AUX, Line In, Line, In, Input, Source, Video 1, and EXT, depending uponyour TV type. For more information, see your TV manual.

If you need more help

Should you have any problems, do not attempt to take apart, service, or modify the Xbox Standard AVCable or Xbox console in any way. Doing so could present the risk of serious injury or death fromelectric shock or fire, and it will void your warranty. Do not take your Xbox video game system or thisperipheral to your retailer for repair or service, unless instructed to do so by an Xbox CustomerSupport representative.

Please see or call the Xbox Customer Support number:

  • Hong Kong: 800 96 4215, Singapore: 800 448 1330

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