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1. How to distinguish Left and Right Joy-pad

Joy-Pad on the left has a- button on the top right, Joy-pad on the right has+ button on the top left

2. How to connect Joycon to switch devices

A.Switch Console

Method 1:
With “+” and “-” up side, slide Joycon from the top down along the sliding railson both sides of the Switch console until it clicks.

Method 2:
Step 1: Find Controllers Option

Step 2: Click Change Grip/Order
Step 3: Press SYNC button until the 4 LED lights flash in turn for 2 Seconds.Then release your finger and waiting for the connection to complete.
B. Switch Lite Console
The same as the method of 2 of Switch console connection

Macro Programming:
A. Set Macro function:

Keep the controller under working, press Macro button for 3s and LED flashslowly and step into Marco programming mode, release “Macro” button, pressthe buttons need to be set in turn. And press the Macro button be set savingrecord.
Eg: Set A and B and X to macro button, press “M” button 3s and then LED indicator flash slowly, release “M” button to press A button and then you canwait after 1s to press B button, and 3s later to press X button, press “M” buttonfinally to save and exit the mode. Then the Macro button is Button A —1sbutton B — 3s Button X.

When you setting some buttons, the controller could record the buttons settinginterval time.

C. Clear Macro Function:

When controller under working mode, press the “M” button 5s, the LED lightfrom blinking turns to keep lighting, then all macro buttons function cleared.Turbo function:
A. Set Turbo function:

  1. Press the turbo and then press the turbo the button you want to set turbomode. Hold both two buttons to enter turbo model for the button.
  2. Let go of the buttons and you can use the button in turbo mode now.
  3. You can set turbo mode for “A,B,X,Y,L,ZL,R,ZR” buttons and the “UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT” of Dpad
    B. Auto Turbo Function: Repeat Step A-1 to turn on the Auto turbo function
    C. Clear Turbo Function: Repeat Step A-1 again to exit turbo function.

3. How to remove Joycon from Nintendo Switch devices

  1. Switch Console
    Find the “remove” button the back of Joycon and slid Joycon from bottom totop while holding down the state. Release the “Remove” button when Joyconcompletely disconnects from the device.
  2. Joycon Strap
    Pull down to remove the white lock and hold the Joycon wristband and slideJoycon down until the wristband completely disengages (no need to press theremove button on the back of Joycon).
Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Nintendo in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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