Thank you for purchasing the PastFx Reticon Flanger! The PastFx Reticon Flanger is a faithful recreation and expansion of perhaps the most notorious and controversial Buffalo FX pedal of the same name. The original Reticon Flanger was an interpretation of the Electric Mistress pedal by Electro-Harmonix and popularised through its legendary use in countless recordings since it first arrived on the scene in the mid-1970s, perhaps most notably in the spellbinding guitarwork of David Gilmour, an early adopter of the effect who made it a mainstay of his sound upon its introduction into his rig. Like the classic Electric Mistress, the Reticon Flanger is remarkable for its very chewy, liquidy, and chorus-like textures at slower speeds, with trippy warbles and swooshing feedback available by experimenting with the knobs. Controls for shaping its tonal character, response, mix, and harmonic content, with 18 volts of headroom, make it one of the lushest EM-style flangers available today. The pedal stacks beautifully with dirt but shines just as bright when run clean. And speaking of brightness, we’ve added an internal micro switch that allows players to expand the treble range of the pedal, for those who find the stock setting a little dark for their amps or personal tastes, offering additional versatility on a circuit that is already very hard to find.

We managed to locate and purchase one of the rare 15 BFX Reticon Flangers known to be in circulation, then meticulously studied every component, tested every value and part one-by-one, mapped the circuit and design, and faithfully recreated the Reticon Flanger from top to bottom, using the same exact quality components as the original, but housed in a smaller pedalboard-friendly enclosure. At the heart of both the original and our own Reticon Flanger is a NOS Reticon 512 stage Bucket Brigade Device, which are extremely rare, long discontinued, and prohibitively expensive. We are pleased to share that we managed to locate the actual, original Reticon chips that were recovered from Buffalo FX’s closed operations. While we have a very limited stock of Reticon chips available and will only be able to offer this pedal until our supply is depleted, we are delighted to report of its high-quality sonic impact on the overall sound and authenticity of the PastFx Reticon Flanger effect, and we are extremely pleased to be able to make this pedal available once more. It will only ever be sold when in stock.

PastFx Spectrum Collection

This pedal is part of the PastFx Spectrum Collection, a series of pedals aimed at recreating the best dirt and modulation effects popularised and inspired by legendary Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour.


  • Vintage Unobtainium NOS Reticon 512 stage Bucket Brigade Device
  • Rate – Controls the speed of flanger modulation.
  • Range – Controls the sweep of the flange effect.
  • Color – Sets the intensity (feedback) of the flanger effect.
  • Treble – Cuts or boost high frequencies.
  • Blend – Determines the amount of flange effect mixed with the dry signal.
  • Level – Output level of effect.
  • Matrix Mode – disengages the rate control. The color and range control can be adjusted to give a resonant chime like effect.
  • True bypass operation & internal LED Brightness adjustment trimpot.
  • Internal micro switch to expand treble range of pedal and control overall brightness  Requires an 18V DC negative centre power supply, drawing under 50mA current; no battery option available
  • Dimensions: 112 x 60 x 31mm / 4.4″ x 2.36″ x 1.22″ (enclosure only)
  • Neutrik Instrument and Lumberg DC jacks, with audiophile grade parts sourced from MMK, Wima, Epcos, Vishay, Panasonic, Nichicon, etc., just like its predecessor

Powering the Pedal:

The Reticon Flanger requires an 18v DC centre negative power supply. If using an external power supply, it is extremely important that the unit offers isolated power outlets that provide adequate current and shielding. We have specifically tested and recommend the use of the Cioks DC-7, as well as the Voodoo Lab ISO-5 (18 volt port), or the Pedal Power 2 & 3, 4×4, and/or Mondo (with current doubling cable), T-Rex Fuel Tanks and we can attest that these units meet our pedal’s powering standards. Other high-quality, linear transformer isolated power supplies by these companies, and others, may be adequate so long as they provide 18 volts of clean power, but please double-check to ensure that their specs are sufficient and that enough clean current can be provided. Please do NOT use cheap switch-mode power supplies or a cheap daisy chain powering arrangement as this may damage the pedal or cause faulty operation or power up that hampers the pedal’s optimal performance and tone. Using other pedals which have surge pumps within their design (eg Klon Centaurs and their clones) with the Reticon Flanger may induce additional noise


Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by PastFx in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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