Congratulations on buying the Air Space Invader! It’s a unique kind of effects pedal, and has a Rainger FX optimum distortion circuit, mixing with white noise ‘hiss’. This then goes through a low-pass filter, the cut-off frequency being controlled mainly by the envelope of the note.

It’s a simpler version of the Air Traffic Controller (the name ‘Air’ comes from the white noise hiss wooshing around!), but it has the extra facility of having the cut-off frequency also controlled by the Igor pressure pad controller.


VOL; This decides the output volume.

DRIVE; This controls the amount of distortion on the guitar signal.

MIX; This knob adjusts the mix of white noise with guitar signal.

ATTACK switch; This changes the filter action from a fast, immediate note response (switch out) to a slightly slower rising attack at the start of the note.

Q switch; This adjusts the resonance of the low-pass filter, a high resonance (switch in) making the cut-off frequency very noticeable.

DC in; Connect 9v power supply unit here.

LEDs; These show the status of the pedal (‘ON/OFF’), and when a signal is present (‘INCOMING’).


Igor – originally the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz assistant – is a small and light pressure-operated way of getting real-time control over the sound.
It has two pressure sensitivities; use it hard side up and it requires a firm press. Flip it over and use it rubber side up and it only needs a very light press to work – and can be used by hand this way. (Difference in sensitivities will be less noticeable if you’re using it on a carpet instead of hard floor).

When pressing Igor it raises the overall cut-off frequency and does this with high resonance regardless of how the ‘Q’ switch is set.


This comes after the mix pot for the two sound sources – helping bind the two together. When there’s no signal the low-pass filter acts as a noise gate, the cut-off frequency dropping down very low, helping keep the Air Space Invader incredibly noise-free.


  • Adjust the threshold of the Air Space Invader filter by adjusting your guitar’s volume.
  • The power supply unit used should be centre earth, sleeve +9v.
  • Igor can be replaced with a 5v CV (tip=voltage, sleeve = earth) to control the cut-off frequency (works with reversed action).

If you have any comments or questions please do get in touch at www.raingerfx.com , where you can also find out about other Rainger FX products.



Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Rainger FX in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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