Congratulations on buying the Bleep! It’s a unique kind of full-on fuzz pedal, offering an amazing range of sounds including a fully controllable harmonic overtone, circuit-bending and modulation effects, and all with a built-in noise gate. Based on the Dr Freakenstein circuit this is a huge, hipresence fuzz, which can go right over the edge into full bleep madness….!


OVERTONE; this adjusts the pitch of the harmonic overtone.

VOL; this adjusts the pedal’s volume.

BLEEP/FUZZ; this starves one of the chips inside, creating the bleep magic. Fully right is full fuzz, turn anticlockwise to add bleep.

Igor; This is a unique pressure-sensitive foot controller for controlling the overtone while you play, plugging into the socket on the top end panel. When using Igor, the main control knob acts as the low ‘end-stop’ for Igor’s range. Igor has two sensitivity settings; use it hard-side-up and it takes a firm press to operate it. Used rubber-side-up is more sensitive – and can even be used by hand on this side. (Carpet use may make the two sensitivities less different).

MOD; This pushbutton turns on the LFO to modulate the overtone.

RATE; This changes the function from controlling the overtone pitch, to controlling the modulation speed.

On/Off footswitch; this turns the Bleep on or bypasses it (with true bypass). Status shown by one LED coming on.


  • The RATE pushbutton does nothing until the MOD button is pushed in.
  • The Bleep has a built-in noise gate, and is best used with your instrument volume up full – otherwise your sustain may be compromised.
  • Power supply unit should be centre earth, sleeve +9v.

Please email david@raingerfx.com to register your pedal, and let us know what instrument you play, and what sort of music – plus to comment or ask questions…



Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Rainger FX in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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