Congratulations on buying the Break Box – another unique guitar effects pedal from Rainger FX!

The Break Box is a distortion pedal, deceptively simple – with massive gain, and with some interesting tricks up its sleeve. The drive circuit is based on our ‘El Distorto’ overdrive pedal (long discontinued), but expanded with the back half of the Tonebender circuit we used for our Freakenbender collaboration with Colorsound.

It also has ‘active sustain’ – a chorus effect fading in after about one second which gives extra lift to a held note or chord… Like a wave coming from behind and pushing you onwards!

Plus you can switch your guitar to trigger a vinyl record scratch sound internally generated – like a DJ cueing up the guitar track that follows!

It also has a built-in noise gate – to keep the sound totally quiet when you’re not playing.

It’s an analogue/digital hybrid, the distortion circuit being totally analogue.


VOL; this controls the pedals output volume, of which it has plenty!

TONE; this is the tonebender tonestack, configured to provide deeper low end and searing highs – and with a less scooped sound than in its original usage.

GAIN; this knob is used to provide anything from a loose gritty overdrive up to over-the-edge distortion.

CHORUS SPEED; this adjusts the chorus modulation speed, anything from a slowing churning twist to a fast psycho-wobble.

THAT BLACK RUBBER SCRATCH PAD; hold this down and your guitar converts into a trigger for the record scratch. Strum dampened strings (i.e. go ‘wacka wacka’) for short triggers, or play actual notes for longer up-down scratches.

PITCH; this changes the pitch – and the speed simultaneously (just like when you move a vinyl record manually) – of the scratch. Goes from a fast flick of the deck, down to a slow, lazy back-and-forth.

ON/OFF footswitch; this engages or disengages the Break Box (true bypass).

TRIGGER PAD switch; this is to attenuate any high output instrument signal (e.g. an active guitar), to stop multiple triggers happening over a long triggering note. This only affects the triggering circuit – it doesn’t affect the signal level going to the distortion section.


The Break Box needs a regular 9v pedal power supply (centre earth, ring ‘+’), and consumes about 60mA.

Go to http://www.raingerfx.com/product/break-box/ to find out more about the pedal. Email david@raingerfx.com to register your Break Box (tell us the kind of music you do!), or to send comments, clips, or questions.

Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Rainger FX in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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