Congratulations on buying the Deep Space Pulsar – another unique effects pedal from Rainger FX!

The Deep Space Pulsar is a sidechainer, dipping your instrument volume each time it gets a trigger which comes either from a kick drum microphone or its own internal tap tempo. It pulses, while putting deep spaces in your sound!

This creates a sound heard on countless recordings – from rock tracks where the bass drum compresses other instruments, to reverse-attack sounds heard in dubstep and techno, to house music where the kick drum makes other instruments pump in time. However this throbbing, and pulsing – known as ‘sidechaining’, ‘key-ing’ or ‘ducking’ – has only previously been possible either in the studio once the instrument has been recorded, or live at the front-of-house mixing desk using a carefully set-up compressor, triggered by the signal from the bass drum on stage…. Tricky.

Now, with the Deep Space Pulsar, it’s easy to do this in real time, with full adjustability.


DIP; This adjusts how deep the volume dip is.

REL; This knob controls the release – the speed that the volume returns. Have it low to purely ‘make a hole’ in your sound for the bass drum (quick return); turn it up high to create a more gradual build up of volume (giving a ‘backwards’ effect).

VOL; This decides the output volume.

Main footswitch; This is the on/off control, switching the whole circuit into or completely out of the signal path (true bypass footswitching)

INV; This pushbutton inverts the whole effect, the pedal remaining silent until it receives a trigger when it lets through a pulse of sound.

PAD; This pushbutton puts a stronger filter on the mic input – to ‘calm the mic down’ if your drummer’s snare is triggering the pedal as well as the bass drum.

Igor; This is a pressure sensitive controller that plugs into the socket on the top end panel. It’s dual sensitivity; shiny side up for a hard press, rubber side up for a soft one. Press it for one second to clear the previous tempo, then tap it twice to input a new tempo. The tap tempo is correctable; at any time hit the Igor again to correct the tempo (enabling the Deep Space Pulsar to stay in time for long periods).
Igor has a variable resistance between tip and ring (over 1MOhm down to about 100Ohms), the sleeve is unconnected.

Record LED; This LED comes on after the first Igor press, to show that the tap tempo is recording a new tempo, waiting for the second….
LEDs; These show the depth of the dip, and the amount of release (how quickly the volume recovers).

Microphone; Place the mic in your drummer’s kick drum and plug it into the Igor socket. This cancels any tap tempo and the pedal is now triggered by the kick drum. Make sure it’s switched on!

DC in; Connect 9v power supply unit here (centre earth, sleeve +9v).


The Deep Space Pulsar has an incredibly useable – and ground-breaking – tap tempo. It’s possible to sync by ear so the unit works in time for several minutes. It can be programmed with the pedal in bypass, and similarly – when actually using the pedal – it’s possible to momentarily switch it off by pressing the main footswitch, but the tap pulse will still be displayed – ready for when you switch it back in.

Please email david@raingerfx.com to register your pedal, and let us know what instrument you play, and what sort of music – plus to comment or ask questions…



Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Rainger FX in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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