Congratulations on buying the DFST-1 (Stealth) – another unique effects pedal
from Rainger FX!

The DFST-1 is based on our original Dr Freakenstein full-on distortion circuit
(that’s the ‘DF…’ in the name), but it does a whole bunch of new and extreme
sound variations…. It has an ‘envelope’ function, and a modulation function —
that cycles in a step mode.

It has all the massive low end of the previous versions, and has the same built-in
noise gate — which works best with your instrument volume on full.
The DFST-1 is a hybrid of analogue and digital technology; The audio pathway is all analogue, while some of the control circuitry is digital.


ALTITUDE; This adjusts a ‘high-low’ aspect of the distortion tone.

OVERTONE:; This knob is the same as the ‘overtone’ knob on previous Dr
Freakenstein versions, however it works in conjunction with the ‘Altitude’ control
to give some amazing tones.

SPEED; This adjusts the speed of the step-modulation effect.

SILENCE; This knob adjusts how quiet or loud the DFST-1 is.

AWARENESS; This adjusts the sensitivity of the envelope function.

PAD; This switch configures the pedal for low or high output guitars (important
when on the ‘env’ setting).

STEP/ENV; This switch decides whether the step modulation is working, or the
envelope function.

BLUE LEDs (underneath); These are ‘signal present’ LEDs.


Input/Output; These are for *%4” mono jackplugs.

Minijack socket; This can be used to control the ‘overtone’ aspect with a 5v control voltage (mono minijack, sleeve earth, tip voltage). It can also be used with a regular Rainger FX Igor controller.

DC in; Connect 9v power supply unit here (centre earth, sleeve +9v).

NOTE: The DFST-1 is true bypass.

NOTE: If you’re using a control voltage, try increasing the maximum to up to 8v
— for different response….

NOTE: Use the pedal with your instrument volume on full – otherwise your sustain
will be compromised!

NOTE: When in ‘Step’ mode, the ‘Awareness’ knob and ‘Pad’ switch have no effect.

If you have any comments or questions please do get in touch at david@raingerfx.com, where you can also find out about other Rainger FX products.

Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Rainger FX in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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