The IC recorder may record various sounds other than voice, and the sounds will be heard as noise.

  • Sounds that occur when you touch the IC recorder (touch noise)
  • Rustling sounds of your clothes (when putting the IC recorder in your pocket)
  • Vibration sounds (when putting the IC recorder on a desk or a piano, etc.)
  • Noise from air conditioner, projector, PC, etc.
  • Extra ambient sounds (when recording a lecture or a lesson)
  • Breath hitting the microphone when recording near your mouth (pop noise)
  • Noise caused when recording in long play recording mode (“LP” mode, etc.)

To reduce the recording noise

  • Touch noises may be recorded when you touch the IC recorder during recording. Try to avoid touching the IC recorder until the recording ends.
  • Move the IC recorder far from the sound source, or eliminate the noise.
  • Select the best recording mode according to the situation. We recommend you to set the recording mode to the high-quality mode (“HQ” mode, “SHQ” mode, etc.) when you are concerned about ambient noise.
  • Select the best microphone sensitivity according to the situation. Please try to lower the setting of the microphone sensitivity when the ambient sounds become noise and it is not easy to hear the target sound.

For details about the settings of the recording mode and the microphone sensitivity installed on the IC recorder, refer to the supplied operating instructions.
See “Techniques for Better Recording” on the reverse side of this paper.

Techniques for Better Recording

The IC recorder allows you to record in a variety of situations. This section introduces easy recording setup for 4 typical scenes.

360450.jpg 3604502.jpg
3604503.jpg 3604504.jpg

For better recording and playback

To obtain the best recording results, perform a trial recording in advance.
The IC recorder is equipped with a noise cut function. The noise cut function reduces the noise, therefore you can hear the recorded message more clearly.

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