Spaceman Artemis

The Artemis is a multi-mode envelope filter featuring an analog 2-pole state-variable filter core. We’ve created a workflow that allows you to choose between high, low and band-pass outputs or a MIX of them to unlock a new layer of versatility by augmenting and customizing filter responses. As the resonance of the filter is pushed, it will gracefully begin to overdrive with a gritty harmonic sheen. From classic funk tones to psychedelic swells and stabs, the Artemis adds exciting and dynamic movement to your music.

HP/BP/LP Mixer – The HP setting is a sharp, watery tone. BP is a classic wah-like sound with a focused vocal quality. LP has a thick, synthy tonality.
Unique to the Artemis design is the ability to MIX any or all outputs at once.
With modulation disconnected, you can use the mixer as a 3-band EQ. Unity gain is at noon, with a maximum boost of 10dB. For sound to pass at least one of these knobs must be turned up!

SENS – Adjusts how responsive the filter sweep is to picking dynamics of different instruments. In LFO modes it can dynamically modulate the speed of the LFO.

AMOUNT – In Envelope modes this is modulation DEPTH. In LFO modes this controls SPEED.
FREQ – Sweeps the corner frequency of the filter directly or in conjunction with the internal modulation to set the range of the sweep. For maximum range keep this knob turned low.
RES – Produces a formant peak ahead of the filter cutoff frequency.
In high settings the additional amplitude of the resonant peak will drive the filter into satisfying break-up.

MODE – Controls what type of modulation is used to sweep the filter. There are 7 modes:

  1. Envelope Sweep UPWARDS — AMOUNT = DEPTH
  2. Envelope Sweep DOWNWARDS — AMOUNT = DEPTH
  3. LFO – Triangle wave — AMOUNT = SPEED
  4. LFO – Ramp UP — AMOUNT = SPEED
  6. LFO – Random — AMOUNT = SPEED
  7. Static – Modulation is disconnected

BYPASS Footswitch – True-bypass soft-touch relay switching to engage and disengage the effect.
EXP Jack – Sweeps the filter directly using any standard expression pedal or 0-5V CV via ¼” TRS cable. The EXP input is interactive with the FREQ control.

The Artemis requires external power of 9V DC, negative center (ps-nc.png) via
the 2.1mm jack. The Artemis has a high 1M ohm input impedance and a maximum current draw of 72mA when the effect is engaged. Please contact Spaceman if you are unsure about your DC adapter.


Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Spaceman Effects in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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