The BLAZAR is a reverse noise gate, the opposite of a noise gate.

The BLAZAR was designed to solve a problem musicans have been dealing with for years: Electronic noise invading your signal WHILE you play. We at Spaceman have longed for a way to get rid of this tone-killing problem for years, and finally we have created the solution! The BLAZAR keeps your true tone pristine while you play, and noise occurs while you don’t.
We designed the BLAZAR with only one knob in order to be as straight-forward as possible. This single control sets the threshold of the effect based on the intensity of your instument and/or playing.
The BLAZAR stays out of the way while you play, while only generating noise when you are not playing. Think of your old standard noise gate, which removes noise when you are not playing, but let’s everything through when you play. Working in opposite fashion, the BLAZAR injects the noise front and center when you are not playing, instead of when you are. BLAZAR!

Let the noise exist where it belongs – while you’re impressing the audience with your witty stage banter and comedy skills, and not while you’re playing.

For battery access, remove the four screws on the bottom of the pedal to remove the bottom cover. A regulated 9v DC adapter with negative-center can be used, with the 2.1mm jack located next to the output jack (standard pedal style only).

This pedal utilizes true-bypass foot-switching. Unplugging the input jack disconnects the battery, so unplug the cable when not in use and save your battery!


Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Spaceman Effects in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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