Spaceman Explorer Deluxe

The Explorer Deluxe is an optical, photocell-based phaser design, featuring six sweeping analog stages. From your favorite vintage tones, to strange experimental sounds; the unique control set provides an incredible range of phase tones, with an easy-to-use layout. The Explorer Deluxe is our most feature-packed pedal ever, and is truly a deluxe phaser.

LEVEL – Easily dial in the perfect output volume for your phase tone.
MIX – Adds a major level of control, despite its small stature. Here, you will experience the deepest phasing in the area around Noon on the dial.
By turning the Mix control down, you can blend-in additional dry signal for a pleasant, subtle phasing effect. Turning the Mix control up to maximum yields a pitch modulation setting, which can be made more pronounced with higher settings of the Range control.

SPEED – A wide-range control, which allows for both extremely slow and extremely fast modulation. When using expression pedal with LFO Shapes, this control sets the maximum speed of the pedal sweep. Using expression pedal in (M)anual mode, this control sets the top frequency of the pedal sweep.

RANGE – Offers unique control over the low-frequency extension of the phasing. At lower settings, only higher frequencies are phased – useful for dialing in vibrato and rotary speaker tones. Turning up the Range control stretches the phaser’s reach into very low frequencies; which is especially great for slow, deep phasing.

RESONANCE – Dials-in resonant feedback, allowing for the over-the-top phase tones we all know and love.

SHAPE – Five LFO wave shapes via rotary switch: Sine, Saw-Down, Saw-Up, Triangle and Square. The sixth position on this control, (M)anual mode, disconnects the LFO and freezes the phase sweep. Using the Speed control, you can then control the position of the sweep manually, for unique toneshaping possibilities.

EXP – Expression control input. When using the five LFO wave shapes, expression input controls the speed of the LFO. In manual mode, expression input controls the manual sweep of the phaser. This allows for “wah-pedal” style phase sweeping, especially when combined with the Resonance control.

Under the jewel lamp are two indicators: Red for LFO monitoring; and Blue to indicate that the pedal is engaged. We’ve included an internal switch to turn off LFO monitoring if desired, located inside the pedal on the bottom right corner of the circuit board.

The Explorer Deluxe includes internal pre-gain adjustment for overly hot instruments, via the small blue trimmer at the top left corner of the circuit board, though this won’t be needed in most situations. We do not recommend adjustment of any other points on the circuit board.

A regulated DC adapter with negative center may be used, with the 2.1mm standard pedal jack. The Explorer Deluxe can be run at up to 24v DC for even more clean headroom if desired (9v DC standard operation). This pedal does not include battery hookup. Please contact Spaceman if you are unsure about your DC adapter. This pedal utilizes true-bypass foot switching.


Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Spaceman Effects in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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