Stardust V3 was designed to capture the sound and response of 3 distinct maxed out and ready to sing blackface amplifier models.

An all-analog signal path, featuring MOSFET transistors, provides juicy overdrive tones with great note separation that clean up to that sparkly sound that we all love and heard in recordings of the past. Set gain and tone and control everything from your guitar.

Sparkly clean to crunchy mean are all there. Stardust V3 has loads of output volume and enhanced headroom provided by 18V DC (boosted internally) so that it can also be used as preamp going straight into your Power Amp or Audio Interface when combined with a form of speaker cabinet emulation.


Gain: Controls the amount of drive. From clean to roaring blackface style overdrive.
Tone: Controls the amount of high-end frequencies, brighter as you turn clockwise.
Volume: Controls the output volume of your pedal.
Voicing Toggle Switch: select the blackface amplifier voicing
« BSM: Voiced after a blackface amp head that was primarily targeted for bass guitar players but got famous for electric guitar classic rock tones.
« VLX: Voiced after a chimey 2×10″ combo offering the perfect amount of controllable crunch.
« DLX: Voiced after one of the most popular low wattage 1×12″ combo amps that have found their way in countless recording studios and clubs around the world.


« Stardust V3 does not feature a speaker simulation circuit. It is intended for use with a guitar amp to produce a blackface style overdrive. We recommend using a separate speaker simulation device when going direct.

« A momentary pop when changing amp voicing is perfectly normal.
Stardust V3 features soft click true bypass via a high-quality relay.

Power supply: 3V DC center negative, regulated/stabilized. Max current consumption 49mA.
Warning: This unit was designed for 9V DC input only. Do not use higher voltage power supply.
Warranty: Stardust V3 comes with 5 years warranty from date of manufacture. We will provide service/repair at no cost within 5 years from date of manufacture — buyer is responsible for all shipping costs or customs fees and taxes that may apply. This warranty excludes damages done due to misuse or improper handling.

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BrandCrazy Tube Circuits
ModelStardust V3
ProductAmp Simulator Guitar Pedal
FiletypeUser’s Manual
Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Crazy Tube Circuits in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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