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The Tronographic Boxidizer is an instrument pre-amp in effect pedal format. Though optimized for electric guitar, the Boxidizer is also effective on many other electronic instruments and signals. It was designed to re- create the unique 1970’s “hi-gain” solid-state amp tone whilst adding useful modern features such as an unbalanced Main Output to interface with other pedals and instrument amplifiers, balanced/unbalanced D.I. output to connect to a power amp or straight to a mixing board/computer interface, true-bypass and Master volume. To top it off, an adjustable Boost control is attached to a footswitch for an easy gain boost while playing your instrument.


  • Input Gain allows the musician to dial-in just the right amount of gain and drive
  • EQ includes separate Middle, Bass and Treble controls, all passive and tailored for electric guitar
  • Adjustable Boost Mode, for extra volume/drive, is activated with your foot
  • Can be used as a DI box with a balanced output capable of driving 600Ω.
  • True-Bypass: Input is connected to Main Output and nothing else while in bypass

Common Configurations

Boxidizer as an Effects Pedal:

The Boxidizer can easily be inserted into a chain of effects, in an effects loop or as a single effect before a guitar amp. Connect your instrument or the output of the previous device to the Input jack on the Boxidizer. Connect the Main Output jack on the Boxidizer to the input of the next device in your chain. Use standard, mono, ¼-inch guitar cables for both connections in this configuration.

Boxidizer as a DI Box:

The ¼-inch TRS D.I. Output jack on the Boxidizer outputs a balanced signal capable of driving a 600Ω load. The D.I. connection is made prior to the Vol knob in the circuit so it always outputs at full volume. As in the effects pedal configuration, connect your instrument or the output of the previous device to the Input jack on the Boxidizer using a standard ¼-inch guitar cable. For the D.I. Output jack, plug in a balanced ¼-inch TRS cable; this type of cable is necessary to properly use the Boxidizer as a D.I. The other end of the balanced cable can go directly to a mixing board, computer interface or similar balanced audio devices. While using the D.I. Output, you can also use the Boxidizer’s Main Output jack to connect to a monitor amp near the musician (described below).*

Boxidizer as a Pre-Amp for a Power Amp:

Either output from the Boxidizer could be used to drive the input to a Power Amp. If the power amp does not have a volume control, you may want to plug into the unbalanced Main Output because this output is connected to the Boxidizer’s Vol knob. If the power amp has a volume control, plug into the D.I. Output either with a balanced or unbalanced connection; the D.I Output is a balance/unbalanced jack. As in the two previous configurations, connect your instrument or the output of the previous device in the chain to the Input jack on the Boxidizer using a standard ¼-inch guitar cable, then connect one of the outputs to the input of the power amp. Both outputs are simultaneously available except when in True Bypass mode where D.I. Output is muted.**


GAIN Knob: sets the gain for the input amplifier stage in the Boxidizer. As you turn Gain clockwise, your signal will first increase in volume and then be driven harder resulting in increased distortion.

BOOST LEVEL Trimmer Knob: sets the amount of gain in the Boost circuit. Turning Level clockwise increases the Boost level. The Boost Level control is only active when Boost mode is enabled as indicated by a lit Boost LED.

BOOST Footswitch and LED: pressing the Boost footswitch activates Boost mode causing the signal level after the EQ circuit to be boosted or increased. The Boost footswitch can be used to give your sound extra volume and drive with the push of your foot. Use the Boost footswitch to toggle in and out of Boost mode. When lit, the LED in the Boost block indicates that the Boost function is activated. When Boost is inactive, the Boost LED is off. When GAIN is set to high settings, activating the Boost function will only yield a boost in saturation or distortion, not a volume boost.

MID Knob: is part of the Boxidizer’s EQ section. Turning the Mid knob clockwise will increase the level of the middle frequencies of your signal. To obtain a “scooped” sound turn the Mid control down below 12 o’clock.

BASS Knob: also part of the EQ section, turning the Bass knob clockwise will increase the level of your signal’s bass or low frequencies.

TREBLE Knob: the last control in the EQ. Turning Treble clockwise increases the level of you signal’s treble or high frequencies.

VOL Knob: is the master volume control, controlling the output volume at the Main Output jack. The Vol knob has no effect over the output volume at the D.I. Output Jack.

EFFECT Footswitch and LED: the Effect footswitch is used to toggle the Boxidizer between Effect mode and True- Bypass. When the LED in the Effect block is lit, the Boxidizer effect is activated. When the LED is off, the Boxidizer is in True-Bypass mode. In True-Bypass mode, the Input jack is connected directly to the Main Output jack; the D.I. jack is therefore muted.**


INPUT Jack: is the audio input connection for the Boxidizer. Plug your instrument or effect output into this jack. The input impedance presented at the Input jack 1MΩ.

MAIN OUT Jack (Unbalanced): is the Boxidizer’s main audio output jack. Plug a standard, mono, ¼-inch instrument cable into this jack. The Vol knob adjusts the volume of the signal present at the Main Output jack. We recommend connecting to the Main Out jack when using the Boxidizer as a standard effects pedal where its output is connected to other pedals or to a guitar amp. In True-Bypass mode, the Main Output jack is connected directly to the Input jack and nothing else.

D.I. OUTPUT Jack (Bal/Unbal): is a balanced/unbalanced audio output at fixed volume. If using the Boxidizer as a pre-amp before a power amp, connect D.I. Output directly to the power amp. The Vol knob has no effect on the signal level at the D.I. Output jack. To change the volume of the signal out of the D.I. Output jack use the Gain knob, Boost footswitch or Boost Level control. The D.I. Output jack is muted when in True-Bypass mode.

PWR Jack: connect the output plug from a 9VDC, center-negative, Boss style AC Adapter into the PWR jack. The Boxidizer’s current draw is approximately 15mA and works fine sharing power with other pedals in a daisy- chained configuration. One example of an AC Adapter that works with the Boxidizer is the Visual Sound 1-Spot. The Boxidizer does not come supplied with an AC Adapter.

9V Battery: to access the Boxidizer’s 9V battery, detach its bottom plate by removing the four screws on the bottom of the Boxidizer. When installing a new battery, first connect the 9V battery clip then place the battery between the two footswitches.

Warranty Information

Tronographic will repair your Boxidizer free of charge due to manufacturer defect or if it is damaged during normal use for up to 2 years from the date of purchase. Please contact us at for further information.

Note: This User's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Tronographic in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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