Table of contents

Chapter 1: Intended purpose, warning and warranty references
1.1 Warning references and safety regulations
1.2 Terms of the warranty
Chapter 2: Start-up of the Columbus
2.1 General functions, structure, Midi channel
2.2 Connection at the Herbert/Hagen
2.3 Connection at the VH4 or VH4S
2.4 The operation with external power supply unit at other Midi capable devices

Preface: Music Lover! We are a company, which develops and manufactures its products with great care.
Because we put so much work and idealism into our products, we look forward each new mark, if a musician decides for our products. We worked hard on a long life span of our devices and to hope therefore that we never see the equipment bought by you again. This is not valid naturally for our customers, we stand gladly with advice and act aside. It should to problems of technical or functional kind comes to reach you us under support (RK) diezelamplification.com by email or under +49 9071 728656 by
fax. Please consider also the technical support on our homepage www.diezelamplification.com
The equipment may not be used before reading this operating instructions!

The Diezel crew

Chapter 1: Warning and warranty references

1.1 intended purpose, warning references and terms of the warranty

Intended purpose: The Columbus is a Midi pedal and serves for the transmission of Midi signals at Midi capable amplifiers or effect devices. The operation with Diezel amplifiers, the phantom powering possess, is not necessary the enclosed power supply unit.
Columbus receives tension and river from the amplifier. Only if other devices are used, one should that enclosed power supply unit attach. This power supply unit is suitable for input voltages from 100 to 240V. When operating abroad is an adapter plug dependent on the country too use. Warning references: We are to be referred for reasons of the product liability obligated to certain safety aspects, which should be ignored under no circumstances. With all respect we ask again to consider check list specified down. a)
The equipment may never in damp and wet environment stored and are operated. b) In the case of the transport of the equipment the following is to be considered: Since it concerns with the Columbus electronic equipment, should be exposed this to no large
variations in temperature. Is to be not completely avoided however (for example in the case of transport to an appearance), then the Columbus should be through adapted only some time without start-up to the ambient temperature. Usually are here 30 minutes sufficiently.

1.2 terms of the warranty:

The company Diezel GmbH grants a two-year warranty on all construction units with exception of the wearing parts. The warranty claim does not seize with inappropriate treatment and with use for other purposes than descriptive in 1.1. Likewise that expires Warranty claim with damage, which was caused by the neglect of the warning references specified under 1.1. The purchase date must by means of original invoice are proven. Any changes at the equipment are reserved the Diezel GmbH.

Chapter 2: Start-up of the Columbus

2.1 general functions, structure, Midi channel

First the Columbus is connected by means of Midi or XLR cable with the amplifier.
Possesses this no phantom powering should the power pack provided be used. With the keys 0 to 9 one selects between 10 program numbers on the first switching level for the order. Through manipulation of the UP of tracer it goes into the next level (program numbers 10 to 19). Operate the down of tracer leads to the program numbers 120 to 127. The active program number is indicated on the one hand by the display, on the other hand in addition, by an LED, which is above each tracer. In the work condition the Columbus sends its signal on Midi channel 1 to the Amp or Effect equipment. Is to be selected for more complex Midi Setups a certain channel on the Columbus sends, then one presses at the same time UP and down for 3 seconds and selects then with the UP or down tracer the appropriate channel to e.g. send number 2 around only on Midi channel 2.

The back of the Columbus: From left to right:
1) Diezel Out by XLR socket
2) Midi Out by DIN socket
3) DC power (power pack socket)


2.2 connection at Herbert by means of a XLR of cable (microphone cable)

Columbus (Diezel Out) and Herbert are interconnected.

Only after the connection the Herbert should be switched on! Now the Midi functions of the Herbert (and by means of the Thru socket those further devices) over the Columbus can be steered. In addition one selects program a number on the Columbus and selects at the Herbert/Hagen a function out. Then one operates the net curtain key twice. Is further Midi capable devices with the Columbus to be steered connects one by means of a Midi of cable the equipment at its Midi in with the Midi Thru socket of the harsh blank. Alternatively to the use of a XLR of cable the Herbert/Hagen can supply the Columbus (please the Midi in to then use) also via the Midi in socket with river and so are steered.
Because of the larger robustness we recommend however the use of a XLR of cable.

2.3 connection at the VH4 or VH4S

Also the VH4 (or VH4S) offers the comfort without a power supply unit to do, since power will transfer from the Amp to the Columbus. However one connects here with Midi in designated socket at the VH4/VH4S and the Midi the Out socket at the Columbus
with 5 pole and 5 socket standard Midi cable.


Further periphery such as effect devices with further Midi cables via the socket Thru are supplied with the signals by the Columbus. Is valid also here: Only function select, then net curtain key twice press.

2.4 The Operation with external power supply unit at other Midi capable devices

Of course one can use Columbus also in another environment. For this one serves of the external power supply unit, connects themselves this with on the front side the present and with 3 designated socket as well as the devices which can be switched by
the socket by 5-pin Midi cables.
Programming takes place then at the attached equipment through pressures of the appropriate key for storing (as a rule with net curtain designates).

Diezel GmbH
Donaustrasse 5
89407 Dillingen
Email: support(at)diezelamplification.com
Web: www.diezelamplification.com
Geschäftsführer (CEO) Peter Diezel und/and Peter Stapfer
Handelsregister Augsburg / HRB 13015
And now much fun!

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