Tutti Love is a compact chorus pedal perfect for guitar and bass. This all analog stompbox reproduces the classic warm jazz chorus tone with a natural
wave curve.



Please keep this manual in a convenient place for future reference.

Power Supply

Always use a DC 9V center negative AC adapter. Use of an adapter other than that specified could damage the unit or cause malfunction and pose a safety hazard.

Always connect the AC adapter to an AC outlet that supplies the rated voltage required by the adapter.
Disconnect the AC adapter from the AC outlet when during lightning storms or not using the unit for an extended period.


Always turn off the power before connecting or disconnecting. Make sure to disconnect all cables and AC adapter before moving the unit. This will help prevent malfunction and damages.

Environment Considerations

Avoid using the unit in any of the following conditions that could cause malfunction:

  • Extremely hot or cold places
  • Under direct sunlight
  • Magnetic fields
  • Near heaters and other heat sources
  • Sandy or dusty places
  • Places that are extremely humid or exposed to splashing water
  • Places with lots of vibrations

Electrical Interference

Devices that are very susceptible to interference or that emits powerful electromagnetic waves (e.g. radios and TVs) should not be placed near this unit, as interference could occur.
Electromagnetic interference could cause malfunction and could corrupt or destroy data.
Always operate this unit at a suitable distance from these devices.


Do not apply excessive force to the switches and other controls, exposing the unit to strong impacts, which could cause it to break.
Do not put foreign objects or liquids into the unit.
Never open the case or attempt to modify the product in any way since this can result in damage to the unit.
Clean only with a soft, dry cloth.


Classic chorus sound

Featuring a pure analog design, the Tutti Love pedal delivers the smooth, natural chorus tones embraced by jazz, rock, and pop artists for decades.

Easy, flexible controls

Tutti Love offers easy in/out and an extra LEVEL knob in addition to the traditional DEPTH and RATE parameters.

Carefully Selected Components

The Morpher is designed and built with carefully selected components to ensure best sound quality and road performance.
The Aluminum-alloy chassis ensures touring reliability, and True Bypass design gives you a transparent tone.


  • Modern high gain distortion pedal with great dynamic range and clarity
  • Sound inspired by high gain stack amps
  • Wide range tone controls suitable for both vintage and modern players
  • True bypass provides transparent tone
  • LED indicator shows the working state
  • Enduring, light-weighted Aluminumalloy chassis


Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
Current Consumption: 20mA
Dimensions: 42×93.5x52mm
Weight: 230g

Connections & Controls


Note: This Owner's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Donner in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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