POWER – Power requirements are 9V DC / 180mA. The micro Vent accepts a 2.1mm plug with standard negative polarity.

SPEED – Adjusts the rotor speed between slow (Min position) and fast (Max position). This setting refers to “Speed1” and is active when the Bypass LED lights up permanently.

DISTANCE – Adjusts virtual Mic distance from the simulated cabinet.
Max setting is the closest distance, Min setting is the furthest distance.

RAMP – Adjusts acceleration and decelaration of the rotors when Speed is switched between Speed1 and Speed2. Standard setting is 12:00

BLEND – Analog mixing of the dry input signal and the effect signal.
Max setting is 100% effect, Min setting is 0% effect, 12:00 position is a 50/50% wet/dry mix.

SPD2 (= Speed2) – The 3 way toggle switch selects between 3 fixed speed values. Speed2 is active when the Bypass LED blinks.

Lever up = Fast
Lever middle = Stop
Lever down = Slow

Footswitch – The function of the footswitch depends on the global settings (see below). By default it will switch the effect on/off when pressed short (<1sec), and will activate Speed2 as long as it is held (must be held longer than 1 second; switching is momentary). Different modes are available to customize the footswitch behaviour.


Off = Effect bypassed
On = Effect ON / Speed1
Blinking (-_-_-_-_) = Effect ON / Speed2
Blinking2 (--__--__--__) = Entered Global Settings on power up
Flashing rapidly (--------) = Global Settings closed / settings saved 

Global Settings

The Global Settings allows you to customize the footswitch behaviour,
Bypass mode and Output level.
Follow these steps to call up the Global settings routine:

  1. Unplug the power supply
  2. Press and hold the Bypass switch
  3. While still holding the Bypass switch, insert the power plug
  4. Wait until the LED begins to blink in a pattern (––__)
  5. Release the Bypass switch
  6. Now you are ready to access the global settings


Only turn the knob(s) for the Global Function(s) you really want to adjust.
Do not turn the other knobs to avoid accidentally changing their Global Functions. However, it is completely fine to change more than one Global parameter at once and save them in one go.

Saving Global Settings

If you have finished the Global Settings, press and hold the Bypass switch again for a few seconds until the LED stops flashing. The micro Vent
saves the Global Settings and returns to Play Mode.

The following Global Settings are possible:


Other Functions – The unit remembers its last Bypass and Speed state on power up. It also remembers the last Speed state in Bypass, if Switch Mode 2 or 3 is selected.

Pedalboard order – Best to place the micro Vent before Reverb and Delay. Then try it after Drive for an intense rotary experience or before Drive for a more subtle sound that isn’t as prominent.


Neo Instruments extends a warranty covering all verifiable defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of original purchase. Statutory warranty rights remain unaffected. The warranty covers the remedying of manifest defects by replacing or repairing defective parts. Any other claims, in particular those for a reduction in price or cancellation of contract, may only be made after an attempt to rectify the defect or deliver a replacement has failed.

The warranty does not cover damage incurred during transit, as well as damage caused by non-compliance with the operating manual and improper or negligent handling of the device. Beyond that, the warranty does not cover defects or damage caused by acts of God (including but not limited to lightning, floods, etc.) or other external influences, as well as mechanical damage or flaws that are not attributable to manufacturing defects. If defects occur during the warranty period, please contact us at the following

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