Power Supply

Please connect the designated AC adapter to an AC outlet of the correct voltage.
Please be sure to use only an AC adapter which supplies 12V (±10%) DC, center minus. The maximum working voltage is 15V, any voltage higher than this will cause dangerous damage like explosion to the equipment itself.

Unplug the AC power adapter when not using or during electrical storms.


Always turn off the power of this and all other equipment before connecting or disconnecting, this will help prevent malfunction and / or damage to other devices.
Also make sure to disconnect all connection cables and the power cord before moving this unit.


Clean only with a soft, dry cloth. If necessary, slightly moisten the cloth.
Do not use abrasive cleanser, cleaning alcohol, paint thinners, wax, solvents, cleaning fluids, or chemical-impregnated wiping cloths.

Interference with other electrical devices

Radios and televisions placed nearby may experience reception interference.
Operate this unit at a suitable distance from radios and televisions.


To avoid deformation, discoloration, or other serious damage, do not expose this unit to the following conditions:

  • Direct sunlight
  • Magnetic fields
  • Excessive dusty or dirty location
  • Strong vibrations or shocks
  • Heat sources
  • Extreme temperature or humidity
  • High humidity or moisture

FCC certification

  • This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
  • This device may not cause harmful interference.
  • This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Main Features

  • Provide stable 9V DC power supply with high performance, each output maximum current of 300 mA, can meet most of the pedal use requirement.
  • Eight independent output short circuit protection design, when one circuit output failure, other output lines still can work independently.
  • 8 LED lights indicating output status in darkness, its unique dull-polished feature can also protect your eyes from spotlights on stage.
  • Very small and exquisite, full metal shell.

Panel Instruction


Connect Instructions


  • NOTE
    Before use, please confirm the equipment is the same polarity with the power adapter, otherwise may cause damage.


Power supply: 12V power adapter
Output current: Eight 9V power supply output independently
Current draw: Each current of 300 mA, not more than the current of the input power adapter. (If using the Mooer Power adapter, then the current is 2A)
Dimensions: 93.5mm (D) 42mm (W) 36mm (H)
Weight: 140g


  • The 12V power adapter 1 (12V 2A)
  • 460mm lines 4 (connect the pedal)
  • 610mm lines 4 (connect the pedal)
  • 200mm Polar conversion line (The output power from the negative is
  • changed to outside to inside is outside negative)
  • Velcro tape
  • Owner’s Manual

Disclaimer: Any specification’s update won’t be amended in this manual.

Note: This Owner's Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Mooer in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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