TDRIVE Product Manual

The T-Drive is a sonic recreation of the legendary Trainwreck™ Express amplifier. Rooted in the tradition of British amps from the 60’s & 70’s, Trainwrecks™ are famous for their fast pick response and their exceptional dynamics from chimey “Vox” style cleans, to a soaring “Plexi” overdrive. To most accurately recreate the harmonic complexity of the Trainwreck™ amps in a stompbox, we took painstaking measures to find a “real deal” Trainwreck™ Express to compare for sonic accuracy & consulted longtime Trainwreck™ user Glen Kuykendall for guidance, providing us with recordings & feedback A/B-ing his Trainwreck™ against our T-Drive prototype. Our quest to create the most accurate “Wreck-in-a-box” has resulted in the T-Drive, a pedal with the dynamics, harmonic complexity, and “voice-like” overtones reminiscent of the amp it was inspired by.



Single-coil Pickups


Paf/humbucker Pickups



ControlsVolume, Gain
ConnectionsInput, Output, 9VDC
Power Connector2.1mm barrel (center negative)
Input Impedance500k ohm
DC Voltage9-18V
Current ConsumptionLess than 5mA
Output Impedance10k ohm


Note: This Product Manual is adapted from the official manual created by Vertex Effects in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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