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The Ultraphonix HRM recreates the much sought after Dumble™ HRM overdrive tone that pushed the tweaked Overdrive Special Amplifier into stardom. Amongst the limited amount of ODS amplifiers produced by the legendary amp maker, a handful were armed with EL-34 power amp tubes rather than the 6L6 tubes found in most ODS amps.

The change in tubes resulted in a meatier, more aggressive overdrive sound that resembled the sounds of a British high-gain amplifier. We revamped the Ultraphonix HRM’s controls, giving you access to EL-34 gain on top of a myriad of other tones. The “Master” control determines the total output of the pedal. The “Volume” control adjusts how hard the pedal’s preamp is working, giving you more control over the amount of gain coming from the preamp. Turn up the “Accent” control to increase presence and slowly introduce more saturation into your signal. The “Ratio” control allows you to blend your distorted and clean signal, and the “Tone” knob allows you to accentuate different upper-mid frequencies, ranging from 800-1.6k Hz. Unlike its stock counterpart, the Ultraphonix HRM is all bite; if you want that cranked EL-34 Dumble™ sound, look no further than the Ultraphonix HRM.




ControlsMaster, Vol, Accent, Tone, Ratio
ConnectionsInput, Output, 9VDC
Power Connector2.1mm barrel (center negative)
DC Voltage8.0-9.6V[*9.8V MAX]
Current ConsumptionLess than 60mA


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