Quick Start Guide



Premium Shielded Cable for In-Ear Monitors with MMCX Connectors


  1. Read these instructions.
  2. Keep these instructions.
  3. Heed all warnings.
  4. Follow all instructions.
  5. Do not use this apparatus near water.
  6. Clean only with dry cloth.
  7. Disposal of a battery into fire or a hot oven, or mechanically crushing or cutting of a battery, can result in an explosion.
  8. Leaving a battery in an extremely high temperature surrounding environment can result in an explosion, or the leakage of flammable liquid or gas.
  9. A battery subjected to extremely low air pressure may result in
    an explosion or the leakage of flammable liquid or gas.
  10. Do not disassemble or modify this product.
    1. Do not replace a battery.
      It can defeat a safeguard.
    2. Please store this product in a
      clean and dry environment.
    3. Charge it once a month
    4. Do not leave unattended
      while charging.
    5. WARNING! Choking and Swallowing Hazard. Keep the
      product safely out of reach of children and pets. The small size and the internal battery present a choking and swallowing hazard.
      Failure to follow instructions may lead to permanent damage or death.
    6. WARNING! To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels for long periods.

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Accessories List

  • IMC251-CL cable
  • Zipper case
  • 6.3 mm adapter (for 3.5 mm plug)
  • This quick start guide


  • Professional studio-grade cable for in-ear monitors
  • Compatible to most earphones and headphones with MMCX connectors
  • 360-degree rotating gold-plated MMCX lock-snap connector for
    convenience and flexibility
  • Rugged, long-lasting design to withstand travels and everyday wear
  • Electromagnetically shielded cable for highest level of noise isolation
  • Secure, over-the-ear cable design ensures in-ear stability and comfort
  • Extra-long 63″ (1.6 m) cable provides flexible sitting distance


Cable Shieldeddetachable
Connector MMCX connectordetachable
Cable length1.6 m (63″)

Other important information

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