Model A33LK User Guide

FP33 Channel Expansion Cable


Use the A33LK kit to connect a Shure FP24 to a Shure FP33 mixer. Combining an FP24 and a Shure FP33 (or FP32A) mixer yields a flexible, cost-effective, 5 X 2 field mixing setup with the following features:

  • Simultaneously accepts a stereo microphone, hard-wired shotgun, and two RF lavalier microphones.
  • 48-volt phantom power for all five microphone inputs
  • Limiters on the FP24 inputs
  • Input assignment switches on the FP24 and pan pots on the FP33 inputs
  • Two output buses—assignable to mic or line level output.
  • Master volume and headphone monitoring for all five inputs controlled from the FP33.
  • Compact—FP24 adds little bulk to an existing FP33 package.
  • The FP24’s isolated external DC input jack eliminates ground related interference problems.

NOTE: The A33LK kit can also be used with the Shure FP23 to create a 4 X 2 setup

What’s Included

  • One “Y” cable (XLR to 3-Pin Mini Connector)
  • Two four-inch strips of 5/8” Velcro


XLR 3-pin female to 3-Pin Mini Connector (TA3F)
Shipping Weight
170 grams (6 Oz.)
Length: 12.5


NOTE: When interconnecting the FP24 and FP33, inputs from the FP24 appear at the FP33 mixbus with their polarity reversed.
(This is unavoidable due to the nature of the interconnection.) To avoid cancellation or interference effects (e.g., comb filtering) between the signals from the FP24 and FP33 inputs, use Shure A15PRS polarity inverters on the FP24 inputs, or do one of the following:

  • Keep microphones connected to the FP24 as far away as possible from those connected to the FP33.
  • For microphones that must be close together (such as those in a stereo pair), connect them to the same mixer.

Instructions for Use

Connect the balanced, line level XLR outputs of the FP24 to the MIX BUS of the FP33 using the “Y” cable as shown. The red XLR connector goes to the right channel.



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