Introduction from the designer:

Inspired by many effects of the past, the Echobox v2 captures sounds that straddle the line between analog and tape echos. With fresh ears we reexamined much of the gear we used while creating the original Echobox in 2008. We listened to lots of music. There may have been a beer or three in there somewhere.

The new Echobox had to improve upon the original. While the first echobox was a big deal for Subdecay we knew we needed to make some major improvements, like a more transparent dry signal path. To improve dynamics, the echo signal goes through a 10th order filter rather than a noise reduction circuit. Extended repeats on the original would tend toward the high end of the frequency spectrum and eventually would turn in to a high pitched ringing no matter what you played. The new Echobox repeats degrade more pleasantly with the regal knob set high yet still retain the original musical entropy.

Tonal improvements aside, if there was a common complaint about the original Echobox it was finicky controls. The short delay times were all bunch up the early sweep of the knob. Turning the modulation depth would change the delay time in a counter-intuitive way. Turned past 11:00 you’d often find your self in seasick territory. Classy and subtle settings were hard to dial in. While the tonal improvements are many, the controls are where we made the most notable changes. We just wanted to make the control surface feel right.

Getting Started

To get a feel for the Echobox get your favorite guitar. Plug into your amp. Bring an overdrive pedal too. This pedal works brilliantly even if it’s before overdrive, but you’ll need to turn the delay level down. Once you are plugged in and powered up simply set all the knobs to the center. You’ll notice even with the modulation set straight up it’s noticeable, but not overwhelming. Repeats won’t come on too strong and sound like a natural echo with just the right regeneration level. Change one setting at a time starting with the delay knob and check out the range. The regen and level knobs will drastically alter the effect’s intensity.


Input impedanee: 1M
Output impedanee: ~1K
Power by DC adapcer.

Operation and care:

All the regular stuff here. Don’t leave it out in the rain or put it in an oven. If you want to clean it use a towel, don’t put it in the washing machine. Send it back to us if it stops working.


Subdecay Studios offers a 3 year limited warranty from the purchase date to the original purchaser. This warranty does not cover polar bear attacks, willful destroyment, using your pedal as a hammer, or the neglect of the user. It does not cover the finish, paint or any external superficial damage. Any unauthorized repairs or modifications voids the warranty.

Note: This User Guide is adapted from the official manual created by Subdecay in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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