There’s something magical about spring reverb and electric guitar. Spring tank reverb was the original “portable” reverb. While much of the rest of the world has moved on to “lush” studio reverbs with countless features and options most guitarists would opt for the percussive spank of tube driven spring tank reverb.

Some amplifiers don’t have reverb built in. Some just don’t drive the tank hard enough or are too dark to get that classic spring reverb sound. Outboard units are expensive, heavy and often inconvenient.
Since designing the original Spring Theory Reverberator we’ve been taking notes for the next evolution.
The Super Spring Theory expands the authentic tone and feel of the original while adding many new features and versatility.
Designed specifically for electric guitar, the Super Spring Theory is not a “studio reverb” meant for vocals or drums ported to a pedal format as an afterthought. It’s not based on the “reverb brick” like many other boutique reverbs. It is a DSP based effect with stunning realism. Built around our exclusive reverb algorithms born from analysis of real tube driven reverb tanks.

Getting started:

Inside the pedal is a Jfet boost with trimmer to set the overall signal level sent to the reverb input. The stock setting is about 85%. This should work for most guitars with passive pickups. Turning it up higher will drive the reverb harder and may introduce some subtle distortion. For use in effects loops you’ll want to turn the reverb input trimmer down and likely run the pedal at 18 volts.

To set the trimmer you’ll need a micro phillips head screw driver. Set up the pedal how you plan to use it with your favorite guitar, amp, other pedals, power supply, etc. Turn the DRY control all the way down, set reverb type to SPRING and all the other knobs on the front panel straight up. Hit the guitar strings hard and adjust the trimmer until it sounds good to you. If you want it dirty turn it up. Classy and clean turn it down. Unless you change your setup, this should be set and forget.


  • Input impedance: 1M

  • Output impedance: Less than 1K

  • Power by DC adapter. (see back for more details)

Operation and care:
All the regular stuff here. Don’t leave it out in the rain or put it in an oven. If you want to clean it use a towel, don’t put it in the washing machine. Send it back to us if it stops working.


Subdecay Studios offers a 3 year limited warranty from the purchase date to the original purchaser. This warranty does not cover polar bear attacks, willful destroyment, using your pedal as a hammer, or the neglect of the user. It does not cover the finish, paint or any external superficial damage. Any unauthorized repairs or modifications voids the warranty.


Note: This User Guide is adapted from the official manual created by Subdecay in PDF format, without modification of the content. We just rewrite the PDF, into responsive mobile friendly pages.So, you can read this document anytime and anywhere.

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